Our 19th Season Serving the Torrington Community



Playoff Results:

2017 Men's League Playoffs

2017 Women's League Playoffs


Men’s and Women’s 2017 Softball Championship and Trophy Winners
The Rec Dept. will call you when your Trophies are in.

Men’s League:

B Division Regular Season
First Place (tie): Low n Slow & Altek Electronics
Second Place: Foothills VNA

B Division Playoffs
First Place: Low n Slow
Second Place: Blood and Thunder

C Division Regular Season
First Place:  Nobody's Business
Second Place: Southside Bar and Grill 

C Division Playoffs
First Place: Southside Bar and Grill   
Second Place: Nobody's Business

D Division Regular Season
First Place: SS Controls Misfits
Second Place:  TRL/Oliver Taeb LLC/Campbell Trans

D Division Playoffs
First Place: TRL/Oliver Taeb LLC/Campbell Trans
Second Place: TDI

Women’s League:

A Division Regular Season
First Place (tie):  Fireballers & Bye You Barbies
Second Place:  Dos Amigo

A Division Playoffs
First Place: Bye You Barbies
Second Place: Fireballers  

B Division Regular Season
First Place: Locked N Loaded
Second Place: O & G

B Division Playoffs
First Place: Capuanos Auto
Second Place: Locked N Loaded

C Division Regular Season
First Place: Executive Glass
Second Place: Sawyers Girls

C Division Playoffs
First Place: J Gasper   
Second Place: Sawyers Girls  


What Should I Do If It's Raining?

Games that must be postponed because of the rain will be posted on the Park and Recreation website here:

Or you can call the Recreation Department's Hotline at 860-489-2270 after 4pm.

The Umpires will make all decisions about games after 4:30pm


Men’s Softball League Participants

The Parks and Recreation Department has provided portable toilets at John Toro Sports Complex for your convenience.  Please be aware that all other areas in and around the park should not be used in place of the portable toilets.  Please be respectful to other players, spectators, neighbors, and the park by using the portable toilets that are provided as necessary. 

Please also remind your team that all children that accompany players to games should remain under the supervision of an adult at all times.

All players and spectators should remain on park property at all times while attending games.  At no time should anyone attending a game enter the adjacent properties without the permission of the owner(s).

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Suspension List:       

·       Wellington Sosa Altek Electronics 


From the Torrington Police:

The Torrington Police Department would like to remind all that Per city Ordinance 75-2 Consumption of any alcoholic beverage on City property, or in public, is illegal. Anyone found to be in violation of this ordinance will be fined $100.00